Wednesday, January 11, 2017


And so it begins...2017...
Yes I know we are a few days into it already but I only got into the swing of things yesterday, (Had been away till Monday) so for me it just begun..
And between yesterday and today the butterflies in my tummy will not be still...
Trepidation, excitement, anxiety, cluelessness...all sorts of emotions really.
Happy New Year to each of you, I hope this is a year where you place other's needs above yours.
Yes that is not a “sexy” New Year prayer.
As humans we are intrinsically selfish tending to only agonize about our issues…
But fulfillment rarely comes from within…

Okay so I am yet to write a plan for the year.
I did not have one last year to be honest.
And it was a rocking year if I do say so myself so there is the tendency to toe the line but nah…I want to have a written one.
I miss my mood board.
I sowed it into a friend’s life because it did not match the furniture at my new flat but I am in sore need of one. I miss visualizing my goals.
For now, I have a pen and notepad by my bedside to note the ideas and thoughts that drop in my mind (I tend to wake up in the course of the night and brainstorm/pray).
This year I do not want to plan of self either, I want to be driven by insights I could only have gleaned from a deeper relationship with God.

Here are the other things I am hoping to do this year to make a difference in how I live.
For one I intend to volunteer myself not just commit to supporting charity organizations as I have done in the past.
I am always afraid of the grit work, going out and getting the work done …
I am a germophobe sadly but that is a silly excuse as I am no better than anyone who I will have the opportunity of serving this year so ordering tons of sanitizers and going to get on with it…

The other big thing is have a “grateful jar”.
Every day since the 6th, I have had a sticky note where I wrote what I am thankful for and placed in a jar/container for review at the end of the year.
Mundane little things that I tend to forget when I look at the year holistically.
One pops to mind now as I write…
 I almost had an accident on the 3rd of April last year driving of Lekki expressway.
I was not concentrating talking to my friend in the passenger’s seat and almost ended in the ditch on the side.
I actually lost control of my steering and swung right back just in time.
I remember this particularly as it was the passenger’s birthday and we were going to grab dinner.
We both said a quick thank you Jesus and that was it really.
When I wrote the things I was thankful for last year, I missed that…
The big deals just outshone the seemingly little ones and I never want to take those for granted.
So 365 days of thanksgiving. Okay I missed some days already drinking too much wine in the name of holiday so I will have about 360ish days and that’s fine by me.

I hope I do better by the blog too.
There is no excuse that is working anymore now.
Yes I am always on the go but I need to make it work.
Know how I can tell? As I type I am restless…

Well till my next post I wish you all a most amazing start to the year.
Let go of your fears and help someone out.
That is life’s summary in a nutshell.
Be…your best.


Thursday, December 22, 2016


Current condition...plunked down on sofa, wrapped warmly in a blanket, after an overdose of Banana and groundnut snacking.
PHCN seems to have gotten the memo about my laziness and they are behaving...
Taken to working from home for the last few days as we wind down the year.
Current state of mind...Very Thankful, albeit sad too.
Heard the most horrendous news yesterday morning about a violent loss.
Young girl stabbed to death by the help, with intent.
Over an increase in pay, She just got engaged to someone I know and work with at church.
I do not even know her but every time I think about this, I get severe chills in my spine.
Her whole life ahead of her, to be cut short so violently. Tragic.
Lord have mercy.

What a year...can you believe we are seeing the last days of December 2016 already.
I should apologize for the lag in writing but I won't.
Sometimes I purposefully stay away because sharing is a lot of work but mostly it is because I have been on the move a lot this year.
I am super grateful for safe take offs and landings.
I have even lost my fear of flying which sprung last year after a whole plane went missing.
Till today , no word on where the plane is..Choi.
For a brief moment in October I whined from being away so much and then immediately checked myself and remembered where I was coming from.
When I think about how often people tease me about my constant travel now I actually laugh, it is funny.
I did not get on a plane anywhere till a few years ago...
So between my job and my personal interests, it is a real catch up.
So I am thankful for travel, for seeing places that have left me breathless and reminded me that God is...

I am thankful about finding love in the oddest of ways.
Everyone knows I have enjoyed being single so it is nice to have shared this year with someone else.
As most amazing things that have happened in my life, I cannot take credit for it.
Mine is a constant story of serendipity. I stumbled into it and I mean that in every sense of the word.
The amount of things that had to come into play for me to be here were beyond my control.
As with life, we all want things to go a certain way, but I am always more happy in the moment than in the future actually and current state of mind is pleased.
Tomorrow can worry about itself.

Thankful for family who still think I am all sorts of awesome.
My mum thinks I walk on air, my siblings still ring me often to share their lives with me since we all kind of do our things alone now and...
Oh we added two nieces to the mix.
So much love to go around and that in itself is enough to be grateful for.

Thankful for a job that rocked this year despite a touch economic situation.
I closed my best deal yet at TR and ended up with a "Far exceeded" appraisal score and top of the leader-board.
When you are in a job you like, and work with colleagues who you actually like (sans one sneaky fellow), Work can be a joy and it was...
Shout out to my dream team, people who think I am a hot mess but the right kind of one.

I am thankful for my finances.
I had a pact with God this year that this will be a God-conomy year.
The year where He would enlarge me seriously in the midst of a famine, I wasn't just speaking out of context.
The bible was clear..."And God blessed Jacob in the midst of a famine".
I wanted the exact testimony and so I these words everyday..
Well it came to pass...
You don't want to know all the things I will be saying to myself next year now since I have proved this formula works..

I am thankful for friendships.
I still have the same friends I had last year.
No one stabbed me in the back or thigh or whatever.
We lunched, wined, dined, cried, laughed, gossiped, travelled and are still cool.
I did not have to bury anyone of them, or have any weird situations going on.
Yes some friends were touched by sadness this year, some lost love, some found love, some lost expectations, and much more...
In the core of this all, there was always someone to lean on.
You do not think that is a lot to be thankful for?

I mean I could go on and on and on..
The important thing is I count my blessings, I put a big thank you sign on my forehead and smile everyday because I could be cold in a mortuary, six feet under the ground, loveless and friendless, lonely as hell, unable to afford my needs and passion for movement, have a nasty fighting family but instead I am sprawled out in bed, idly typing this and eyeing Osuofia misbehaving on TV because I am bloody content.
Contentment is a state of mind and I am basking in it and you should too.

I shall sneak in one more post before 2017, but if I am so lazy and do not..
I wish you all a great festive season and best wishes in the year ahead.
Make a plan, write it down, talk about it often and pray even more about it.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


And like play like play we have entered September.
My goodness, I hate to say this cliched thing but I really remember January 1st and it was not that long ago seriously.
I am not fretting about what needs to be done or not done because truly I am in a good place.
I think of myself as a really content person by the way.
I may not have all I want but honestly it doesn't take a lot to make me happy.
I seek the simple things.
Good wine, great conversation, travel and the quality of my relation with God and friends/family.
I have heard the phrase "happy go lucky" a lot, whilst I will never really describe myself as that I am very close to it.

Anyway, I bid you all a fabulous September.
I hope this ushers in great surprises and unspeakable joy to us all.
I have no big plans all month except moving flats I think. I hope I can take advantage of the two days off this month and sort that out but really I am tempted more than a little bit to head to Kigali for the long weekend.
I truly have been trying to get there for a while.
It is not pricey and i dream of sailing Lake Kivu in absolutely serenity...
Time will tell, priorities always change and we shall see.

This month I am doing some personal challenges
Re my last post, I am already firmly entrenched back in reading.
Albeit distracted by bingeing on Power yesterday and the absolutely stupidly hilarious Jane the Virgin.
Foolish series but also addictive.
But I am adding more mind jarring stuff to get me back to being on form.
Podcasts really, I do not know why I just jumped on this really.
Somehow in my bid to learn this french, I saw an article which said podcasts can help and so I went in search of a few podcasts and ended up being sucked in to so many amazing contents.
And that is the end of all my idle time...
I will be listening my way into intelligence, I will share a pic of my current subscription list.
I am also on a abs challenge, I mean did you not see that Fade video this weekend?
Besides I am tired of just yakking about it and getting on with it.
Tried it this morning, 1 minutes abs challenge which increases for 24 days.
I would show you before and after picture but why would I want to do that?
Also a honest to God clean eating challenge. Not the kind where I steal from my colleagues meals in the name of I didn't order mine but in fact I have eaten more than them...
The other challenges include increasing prayer time and generally being more present.
I hope this inspires you guys to try something new and again have a great month along.
Breakfast smoothie, Passion fruit. Gosh so yummy

Catch up soon again

Friday, August 26, 2016

Alive and Kicking...

Oh hey I am alive.
Yes I did not do a post cleanse post but I did not die.
Actually, the strangest thing happened to me. Post cleanse I lost my appetite.
I mean I went to bed on day 3 thinking foooooooooooooooood...glorious food will be chopulated tomorrow.
Come the next morning, appetite was zero.
As in I tried to ease into food and I couldn't do that.
It all felt strange.
My stomach was making incredulous sounds. Honestly I was afraid.
That did not last long as I was firmly back in foodie zones two days post cleanse.
Still replacing one meal with juice alone though.
Summer is almost over but I want absssssssssssss still.
So how are we all doing in these Buharic times? is now my favourite website, gotta track all FX prices.
#Recession #Hustleisreal #Godisstillfaithful

Cheers to the  weekend, I cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow.
Honestly my body was telling me today is Saturday do not get 8am o, so tired today.
 I had a tough few days, overwhelmingly stressful ones so this weekend I cannot wait to be a waste.
My entire plans are Zero. Nobody should invite me to anything is my prayer...but alas Sunday belated birthday come-chop at my friends will change all that.
I would tell you guys all about my crazy week but everyone knows I keep secrets.
It helps me sleep better at night plus not all memories or moves must be shared, some can be savoured in peace quietly.
My mother blasted me about this last week by the way.
She was like "I ne zoka"...I hope I got that right. My Igbo is appalling and I am not proud of that truly.
Translation : You can hide things.
In reference to her asking something and me playing deaf and dumb.
But really what is it with mother's and wanting to know all sorts especially the price of everything.
How much did you buy it? What is the price?
Well hello...Will you refund me the money?
That was last week's grievance but her sentiment remains the same, I do not tell her enough.
Left to my mother if I took a poop in the morning I should inform her...Lol.
Talking to her is like writing an exam...hehehe and she is my besto still o but she can ask questions...chai.
Truth is I do not like to talk about things...I am Introvertedly extroverted.
Please note there is no word like introvertedly...I coined it now but it describes me.
My friends do not quite like this about me I suppose but I like it about myself.
It is okay not to talk about everything in life, not because you do not want to share but because you just do not want to . Period
I am fascinated but people who say everything honestly but to each their own.

So yes, let me be productive today.
It is Friday, how much work is achieved today sef.
I will end today's post talking about reading.
I recently purchased four books to read.
I love books, anyone who knows me knows that so I have been really sad that I do not read alot anymore.
Between all the things I occupy my day with I am too tired to read, but that is the issue...I can find time to be a waste on Instagram/replying random chats in the night just before I sleep.
Honestly social media is the devil.
So no more, last night I drew up a time table.
I will read one hour minimum every night before I sleep. I have to be deliberate about educating my mind,
The brain drain is too much, after I promised myself this I still spent like 30 minutes ogling Zashadu bags on Instagram before I flung my phone away and read.
What bliss and I started with a real good book.
The Looting Machine, The theft of Africa's wealth by Tom Burgis, 
I may do a book review but it and read it.
It is an expose about African governments and the international structures that support looting.
I only read Chapter one last night about Angola and I am hooked. Investigative journalism at its best.
Next chapter is about Congo...some of you know I have vested interest there.
There is an expose into Nigeria's oil industry, the Halliburton scandal and more.
Tom Burgis was Financial times chief correspondent in Africa spending two year in Nigeria.
He was admitted in a mental institution post the Jos crisis for PTSD.
What other books did I buy?
 Arrow of Rain by Okey Ndibe, I read Foreign Gods inc, his first book and I laughed my ass off.
El Nukoya's Nine lives. I read alot of African literature by the way.
The Fortunes of Africa, A 5000 year history of Wealth, Greed and Endeavor by Martin Meredith.
This book is hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I think it has got like 2000 pages.
I ordered the books on Amazon and sent to my sister who just came in from a trip.
She said she wanted to leave it behind and I would have understood if she did.
It must weigh like 5kg . I am afraid of the size of it. Definitely a collectors item.
Okay that is about it, I have bragged about my books and I can sign off.
Have a fab weekend all and catch up soon.
My Favourite go to juice now, breakfast today.
Look at the size of that book, can you tell books make me happy?


Saturday, August 13, 2016

32 things to know at 32...or maybe even Older..

So I read a lot.
I mean I try to every now and then and I stumbled upon this by Susan Moore...It was so apt I needed to share...

1) There has never been a better time in history to live an extraordinary, unlimited life.

2) Don’t listen to others when it comes to making big decisions. Your inner voice has the answers.

3) How good you look is a reflection of how good you feel inside.

4) We’re all connected. As Mark Nepo says, “being human is looking so deeply into the other person that you recognize yourself.”

5) Life is better when you’re in it (not on the sidelines, watching).

6) Take your desires seriously. They’re all you’ve got. Deepak Chopra teaches, “Inherent in every desire is the mechanics for its fulfillment.”

7) You don’t have to work in a corporate job. It’s not safe anyway, despite what they tell you. There’s much more fun and money to be had if you can handle a little uncertainty (warning — most people would choose misery over uncertainty, but you don’t have to be one of them). Doing work that you truly love is the best gift you will ever give yourself.

8) Laugh often. People who laugh vs. get offended or get upset over small stuff have way healthier lives.

9) Ask for a raise when you feel it’s due. Always. It adds up to more than you believe.

10) Kindness counts above all else. It does not matter how good looking, educated or interesting someone is. It all means nothing without kindness.

11) Worry less. As happiness researcher Shawn Achor says, “Adversities, no matter what they are, simply don’t hit us as hard as we think they will. Our fear of consequences is always worse than the consequences themselves.”

12) Visualize! Picture your ideal life daily and consistently take small steps towards your vision. Each small step adds up to a life.

13) Always be de-cluttering! Closets, paperwork, unsupportive friends, apps, inboxes. Simplicity is heaven.

14) It’s never about where you start. I come from a small town, a broken home, an alcoholic father and no money. If you hate your situation, I guarantee you that you can change it. Your current circumstances are always temporary (both good and bad).

15) Qualifications mean less than you think. Knowledge is only potential power. Doing/creating/building is what counts (and it’s where you gain the real knowledge).

16) The best way to do it is to do it. Take risks. You’ll be dead soon. As my friend Sean Behr says, “don’t die wondering.”

17) Read like a maniac — biographies especially. All mistakes that can be made and lessons that can be learned have already been experienced by someone else. Reading is like a Cheater’s Guide to navigating your life.

18) The biggest regrets come from pleasing other people. A Buddhist monk said if you meditated for 20 years the final message you would arrive at is, “Be yourself.”

19) Live where you want to live. Despite what you might think — you are NOT stuck! If your dream is to live in London, Paris, San Francisco — go!

20) Love yourself. Especially when you don’t “deserve” it.

21) Forgive others no matter what they did to you. This is like inner-peace on a platter. BUT you don’t have to be friends with people who’ve hurt you.

22) Success isn’t passive. Elizabeth Gilbert nailed it when she said, “Participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings.”

23) Talk to new people. All opportunities come from the people you meet. It’s humans who make things happen, nothing else.

24) Time cures heartbreak. Nothing else. As Regina Brett says, “Give time time.”

25) It’s OK if people don’t like you. Truly. I love what Paulo Coelho says, “Haters are confused admirers who cannot understand why everyone loves you.”

26) Say no and don’t feel guilty about it. Martha Beck put it best, “When it comes to saying yes or no to something or someone, choose the answer that feels like freedom.”

27) No one is ever ready. Just begin, baby!

28) Focus on your strengths, always. Crafting your strengths will get you much further than improving your weaker areas. Let your strengths shine and don’t apologize for them!

29) Everyone is scared.

30) “No-one knows what they’re doing either.“As Ricky Gervais says. We are all just doing our best as we go along. Let this make you feel free, liberated and tolerant of all others who are just doing their best, too.

31) Love is stronger than death. When we lose our loved ones all that’s lost is their physical form.

32) You are going to be OK.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cleanse Update

Current situation...
Sipping my 11 am juice, my favourite orange one while my colleagues chow down on small chops.
We are in monthly African meeting, Webex while I pretend to listen but I am in fact blogging as a means to fighting devilish cravings for the puff puff and chicken before me.
Okay I had a weeny gizzard...I mean I need to let my body know it will receive food tomorrow so that is okay.
How do I feel...honestly...amazing.
Let me rewind back to yesterday first.

Got off work feeling woozy I must admit.
One Juice at 5pm, my least favourite because it is just like water really. No punch.
Contemplated skipping my workout but nah...I did it...two hour walk, I mean I live at the second gate of Lekki 1
I walked through to the first gate, all the way on Admiralty...up the bridge and back and then back home.
Israelite journey really...this is a usual routine by the way only I run up and back the bridge.
My body was like try yourself...let me disgrace you.
12,000 steps and 728 calories after, I was back home. seeing in real stars floating around me...
Chucked down my last juice at 9pm and started feeling weird.
Like a ringing sensation in my ears.
I was convinced this was the Lord whispering to my child eat...
So I just went to bed. Unhappily so
My brother in law gave me the best quote yesterday too...

"Okwa onye di ndu na cho shape"
Meaning it is he/she who is alive that can be looking for shape"
I burst into hot gosh...
Truer words have never be said.

This morning I was up way before my alarm.
First thought? Last day is here...
I was weak as in I wanted to stay in bed until I actually got up from bed and no dizziness...
I felt my stomach move...
I walk to the toilet and feel a bowel movement coming up...wait what is about to come out?
My intestines???? Ehen You have outdone yourself now...let me save you the TMI*
This body has not seen food in two whole days yet a something came out of it...
Do you know what that means people????
That the food we eat sits in our bodies for days...Mogbe!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the junk and more just balances there and is it ever really cleared out.
No wonder people do colonics...
Anyway here I am...on a serious high.
Wondering if I should add two more days sef and see what happens since I feel good...
This was not bad I assure you if you are thinking about trying it.
It has changed my perception about eating. We do not need as much as we feed our bodies.
But let me not brag first...let me survive the day...
9am. 11am. 1pm. 3pm, Two more to go
Bought from the Henna Place...N800
What next? Cucumber..LOLLL....
What next after this?
Well I am preparing to transition to a high protein diet.
I have been stocking up on fish, eggs, chicken and nuts for the days ahead.
Tomorrow I will break the juice cleanse with nut milk and cucumber to ease into food.
And then add a little of protein to full juicing till maybe Monday when it will be full on protein alone.
I am experimenting with self...nobody should follow me o.
I do not have the answers, I am trying to figure out what works for me for the days ahead.
If I do not get this now, I never will.
Oh well...tomorrow I will try and check in so you can see I didn't die...


Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Last week I decided to take charge of complaining about how far off the fitfam wagon I had fallen.
I have remained active as always with my work out but have not been seeing the desired results.
As we all know, our body ages differently.
A slight bulking up here and there, a droop here, a ring of unwanted roll somewhere else.
It is just different.
Way harder to spring back from when you fall off.
The last 20 months have been hard on my routine and hence my body suffered.
I was stress eating a lot while I am away and the rest is just plain bingeing.
Take the puff puff I  consumed all weekend at three weddings on Saturday.
Every single one of them , I ate small chops.
Small chops companies need to be banned.
Detrimental to our health.
Who can say no to golden balled goodness of puff puff?
Begin the day with greens. Sigh...
This is the yummiest juice in the whole wide world.

So Monday I decided to embark on a three day cleanse to get my life together.
I mean three days and 18 food.
Please let me repeat NO FOOD...
I have been toying with this idea for a while by the way but my liver does not reach this madness most times.
Somehow on Monday as I stared at my long gone abs replaced with a nicely rounded belly and feeling slightly bloated from the excesses of the weekend... I found the will to and ordered the 3 day juice cleanse from simply green.
With zero days getting my body prepped for no food o.
Not the brightest idea truly.

Yesterday was Day 1.
I survived the day, actually I did very well.
I nibbled on Flax-seed and almonds as suggested if one gets dizzy and I stole one cube sized piece of Asun from my colleague.
Asides that I was surprised. I went to work out and my energy level was amazing.
I destroyed that work out, even workoutzilla commented that today you are okay o.
When I got home ehn, all my energy went out the window.
Focus was zero. I just carried my hungry self to bed fast.
I dreamt of plenty food ehn...even my pillow was looking yummy at some point.
I kid you not!

Today is day two and I am feeling a bit weak.
Slight dizziness and moodiness in fact.
A little niggling headache somewhere in there with copious amounts of water seems to reduce instantly.
I thought I would be a mess but strangely I feel a bit subdued but not hungry like i thought i would be.

Now what is my goal with this cleanse.
I suppose people embark on this to lose weight.
That is the logical assumption but i have a different goal.
I am on this cleanse to give my system a rest but more importantly to change my attitude towards food.
Please note that 7 out of 10 times I am actually a healthy eater and I work out 3-5 times a week but the other 3 of those 10 days. Dangerous snacking.
So wish me luck..
If you do not hear from me by end of tomorrow maybe I have shrunk into non existence...who knows...
Let me go and drink the mid day juice being I faint biko.
Tomorrow maybe in addition to cleanse update I will write about impossible faith...


Monday, August 8, 2016

Random Musings - Things I read.

I need to live out all the blessings that God has given me today. Blessings cannot be saved for a rainy day.
There is no bank with a safe deposit box for them. If I do not enjoy these blessings today, I lose them forever.

God knows that we are artists of life. One day He gives us a chisel, another we may receive brushes and a canvas, and still another day He gives us a pen to write.
But we will never use a chisel on canvas, or pens on sculptures. Each day has its own miracle.

I must accept the blessings of today, and create what I can with them; if I can do this easily and without guilt, I will receive more blessings tomorrow.

Pinning. Dream it? Post it up!

10:10pm, Lagos.

The amount of posts I begin and not finish is steadily piling up.
Staggering amount. SMH at myself.
Two days ago I was writing and got distracted or ran out of blog time and puff…I have now abandoned that post for this one.
This night, I was already preparing to do revision for French lessons which I studied till 1am this morning by the way…determined is the approach I am taking with learning a new language at this my old age and motivated for those who know what I mean but I let blog win today.
Because while I enjoy studying (as a really good student na), I mean I flirt with PHD ideas all the time… it does not provide the free therapy writing does.
So I had a post in mind. 
I was going to write about how I have perfected the art of collecting freebies.
It is a light fun post and maybe I will write it this week but instead as I lay comatose post a two hour walk, this post came to mind.

As most of you know, I have a mood board.
If you do not then let me share, I have a board with pins on one wall in my room where I stick things on for motivation and inspiration.
Dream car, Dream vacations, dream houses, Dream stomach because I need my abs to respect their selves and show up already!!!
Also the mood board has favourite quotes and writings that really touched the core of me.
I have daily confessions there which I promised myself I will say everyday but as life happens; it just appears to be a piece of furniture.
I rarely glance at it and when I do it makes me feel guilty for not pushing myself to BE more.
I mean that abs picture has been there for two years and if I am honest I am far away from getting there.
The Semovita and Efo riro I ate this afternoon is an indication that I am not even trying.
If only we could dream ourselves into the life we want!!!
Today, I was drawn to it. As I pondered a decision I took a look...
Because I need to remember the Job tool...

On the 7th of January, I went to church for a mid-week activity.
As most churches begin the year with intense prayers and fasting and you all know that thing is serious so I went to “kabash”my way into the year.
Church must have been super memorable because I came back and wrote and pinned to my moodboard.
Well, It got done!!!!
How amazing is that?
So this is my testimony.
If you can commit to writing it down, Heaven will commit to getting you to your goal.
It is not that simple, there are definitely days when I was doubtful of self but a little trust and faith in God goes a long way to getting you to your goal.
The best part of it all?
If you do not achieve the goal, believe that there is something better planned for you and work in that truth.
May we all live lives of vision and may our rewards be dreams that supersede our expectations.

10:30pm, Lagos.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

What J said...

And just like that I will break the blog hiatus...
For everyday I did not write here, I thought about writing...and I would say to myself till tomorrow...
And tomorrow will come and I will say till tomorrow...
Until the tomorrows became too numerous and it did not matter anymore...
And because all the blog police who reminded me of when I slack here did not hold me accountable, it was way simpler...

I did not decide to not write...
It just happened.
Life became increasingly busy and excuses took over.
As with the first few months of the year, the travel was back to back...trying to lay the foundation for the year's deals so that aided this mess...
Plus I started learning French from scratch. Adult education is tough!!!!!!!!!!!
So typical day when I am in Lagos became work early in the morning...jump off at to French Embassy in Ikoyi. Have two hour french classes with my tutor...Drive to Lekki, attend work out class/run...
Drive home, attempt to catch up with family or something...
Tomorrow repeat this, it varied. I was taking a leadership course i got nominated for some days, Church in the mix but basically I was seeing less of my house and my laptop by default.
Everything suffered really.
But today I am okay, I am re-immersing myself into things.
After-all I just took two weeks off to figure my life and it is supposed to be refreshing...I definitely feel refreshed if sleepy.
Travelling does a body bad...6 flights  and two high speed trains in 14 days lugging boxes üpanddan"...
My body was like Ose traveller of life...
I slept 12 straight hours last night and I am considering giving my workout the evening off today and just chill...
I cannot come and die...fat and french cannot kee me...#itisnotthatdeep

So I will find the balance.
I want to try and recap the last few months into a few lines but it will appear flippant...
But the last few months have been amazing...stress wise and otherwise.
I am as always super grateful.
Because I cannot leave this post without a restless thought, let me write about J...

J and I were really good friends, I would like to think we remain good friends but simply being on ones BBM  or being invited to a wedding does not equate that.
Back when we were closer, we talked about all sorts.
J hit a rough patch in life at some point, her father lost his fortune and she had to drop out of medical school because he couldn't afford the huge private university fees anymore.
She had to work for a while and write Jamb and all again before she regained admission into school to begin from scratch.
She lost about 4 years or more doing this.
Her mum went a little bit ill as she couldn't handle this, it was a lot.
Through this all, she remained my friend because this is life and we do not choose the life we get handed.
I think I tried hard to stay in touch because quite a few "friends"deserted her but somehow along the way we lost touch as well.
Last year, I got a message to attend her wedding and I happily RSVPed yes and went...
She looked every inch the princess she was, she was always a looker and not one day of trouble in life could take that away from her.
It is the kind of beauty that beauty creams and diet does not offer...God has to dash you.
So from there we go on one another social media tabs and a hello once in a while.
Last month, her DP changes after maybe 6 months and the below conversation is actually verbatim

Me: GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Why do you like to participate in life from afar?
J: You think so? Naaaa!
Me: How are you, the hubs?
J: All is well. he is fine thanks.
J: You seem to be having so much fun in life *smileyemoticon*. I always look out for your DP, you look great and are having lots of fun
Me: SMH at you. Pictures lie, always ask me and I will tell you how life is.
J: But N, we have been out of touch and I never want to feel like I am prying
J: Yes, I mean I enjoyed our time growing up but I must confess I kinda feel that I am backwards, with me finishing school later and mehn I have had some very bad days.
Me: Yes you did have some of those, but those were ages ago and honestly I cant remember plus I will always find it in my heart to tell the truth.
J: Seriously?
Me: Yes, besides you are not backwards, life is not a race.
J: I have shrunk into a shell, I got a lot of condescending talks from people and so I just wanted to disappear, many of my friends abandoned me, I look at you and feel that your dreams are being actualized and where am I?

Let me pause this conversation here and just go off on a tangent.
I 100% understand where she is coming from.
I 100% also rebut the dreams are being actualized statement because nobody knows my dreams, even I am still finding out what those are...and you cannot tell them from social media I am sorry.
We all have pain points and happy points and I would rather be a happy bunny than a sour puss always posting motivational post like I need rescuing.
Besides I truly am a happy person. It doesn't take much to get me happy because its just life...
Its not eternal, I do not get out of it with nice bags and cars and fancy houses plus all the envy inducing travel. I live the most of it and that is it.
I take the hand God has dealt me and make the most of it.
I really detest assumptions based on no fact especially based off social media shenanigans.
Ask questions. get answers. Simple.
Today I got asked, is this our bobo? In reference to the profile photo.
I replied No, that is my brother.
Last week, it was a picture of two wine glasses as we watched the Euro2016 finals.
Is that bae with you?
Actually there were quite a few glasses, it was a party complete with a truckload of Nigerians and peppered meat, just two made the shot pretty. I am a photographer, I take angular pictures.!!!!!
I feel bad for anyone just piecing another person life off these things. You go tire.
I dunno really, maybe I will stop here because I am tired of typing.

But on a final note, If you are feeling the need to compare your life with anybody else's, remember God has dealt us each a hand and we have to make the most of it and be thankful for it.
The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong...Time and Chance is all that matters really.
So off to Zumba I go...been munching on all sorts as I typed, I know I have had my own summer break sans bikini but Fat cannot reside here biko...
Maybe I will write a post again this year, maybe not..such is life..


Friday, June 3, 2016

Check in...

So I shall break the writing hiatus...
Totally unplanned by the way..
Everyday I would say write N, write...
And the day will end and I did not get to it...
Then I will tell myself I will try tomorrow.
So tonight, Friday night...11:16pm ..contemplating driving out to buy a bottle of crisp white wine...But here writing...
Hello Everyone and my oh my...did time fly..
June ehn...
I did a last post in February...
I have outdone myself...
Even my "fans"..loll..the blog police officers have given me no reminders.
They have given up!!!

In the middle of writing this..Wine plans were finalized with my partners in crime...
I will be back here tomorrow attempting to write again.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Island of Zanzibar

And just like that we are in March..
But what is this year on really? Is it me or was it not yesterday it was new year's?
Ha....Very soon my Q1 will end...Being in a sales role, I see the year in ermmmmm I am hyperventilating at the moment.
But I am excited. I like March...It is a month when I feel very settled in my plans for the year if there are any and then its a countdown to my birthday.
Welcome to March lovelies, I truly wish you all a most amazing month ahead.

Thanks everyone for the feedback on the last few posts/
I am trying to keep the blog updated before I run along somewhere again.
I am happy about where next too...I have always wanted to go so...
So off the back of Mombasa...I went to Tanzania...Zanzibar specifically.
Another place I had always wanted to go to...for three years it has been on the list.
I believe in the power of lists..I mean if you can commit to writing it down, your soul will commit to taking you there.
Yes so I have never been able to...for one its  requires flights connections in either Nairobi or Addis Ababa and cost as much as going to most European cities.
Even more telling is the fact that it is a known honeymoon spot so not somewhere I just want to go on a whim...
In fact I have known stats...a lot of couples I know who honeymooned there brought baby souvenirs back ifyouknowwharramen...
So never went...
But since I was going to transit through Nairobi and it is a mere hour away...I thought I would piggyback off the work trip and stay the weekend.
Quick check of flights and I saw it was doable so I emailed our agents to let me stay longer on my return.
Ify volunteered to come along and that is how she became my lover for the weekend.
I mean we spent valentines day together. That is just deep...Hahahahaha

So we split from our travel group at Jomo Kenyatta as they headed back to Lagos and we boarded to Zanzibar.
An hour later, a glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro and we were in Zanzibar.
A mere 5 minutes through immigration and we were boarding our transfer to the Z hotel in Nungwi.
The drive was far no be the middle of the night...In fact we mentioned to each other that if it was not an airport transfer we could have sworn the guy was kidnapping us.
Through dead quiet village roads.
Finally arrived at the hotel and quick check in. Complimentary sandwiches and we crashed.
We woke up to grab breakfast on Saturday morning and the sight we beheld was worth that drive.
The most beautiful water I have seen in my life and I have seen plenty plenty waters...
Gasp worthy...why so blue?
The sand was pure white...I had just come in from gorgeous Diani but I was already prepared to write that one off as a side chick to the main boo...
No wonder oyinbo people like this zones.
We spent the day resting, getting massages, sipping cocktails on the beach and watching the sunset on a boat in the middle of the ocean.
But that place was hot sha and the sun was not for children.
I came back tanned and I really tried to avoid sun o.

Sunday..AKA valentines day and we went to explore Stone town and the history of Zanzibar.
I like getting a bit of history in when I travel plus see how the locales live.
Like finding out Tanzania used to be two countries;Tanganyika and Zanzibar which merged.
Or that they have two Presidents...interesting tidbits (You are welcome for the free history lessons)
Asides touring Stone town, we also went to the spice farms (Zanzibar is a huge exporter of spices).
I came back with a trove of nutmegs, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, vanilla, jasmine, clove, sandalwood and orishirishi.
I was like a looney in the markets apparently.
And the guy selling it was interesting to say the least.
I would ask oh what is this spice for , he will say it is for good skin....enters shopping bag.
This one? It is to feel good...really how?
Him: Yes it is for honeymoon jiggy jiggy.
Me: What is jiggy jiggy?
Him: He giggles. It is for action. Women Viagra
Lmfaoooo...Honestly I bought that soap so if anyone needs some extra help for action holler.
FYI the Turmeric soap has been amazing for my skin. It really does clear out spots and acne.
Finally the markets for all my fruits.
I actually found "Ghana must go" bags which I stuffed full of passion fruits, mangoes, avocados, oat bread and all sorts.
Honestly I always made faces at people who did this and I have become one of them.
In January coming in from London, I brought back everything possible (Satsumas, grapes, actually juice drinks, including Muller yoghurts like a damn refugee.
By the time I got in though most of the fruits were mashed up so good for me...and yes I asked for a huge red fragile be pasted on the bag.
I made avo smoothie for a few days...maybe that shit added to my rotundness sef.
Madam good fats...Fat is fat simple.
The last night we spent chilling in, we had a 5 am flight to Nairobi then on to Lagos.
I do wish I had stayed a few days more, not because there was stuff to do but just to chill a bit more.
Plus the food was amazing. Fresh fresh seafood.
We found a spot where we ate king prawns every night, it was very good and the cocktails were strong!!!
One was named Hannibal Lector...Yáll know I had to try that for myself.
Last words, Zanzibar is surely beautiful, no one would say otherwise...go for the romance, stay for the food and drinks.
Now that is off the list...on to the next one...
Here are a few pictures from Zanzibar from ify's phone.

Oh - Fun fact, I have now been blogging for 7 years!!!
Wow...How time flies, I have truly enjoyed journalling. Sharing my life and thoughts with you all.
Thank you all for reading and for the feedback, I look forward to sharing more with you as I journey to being the best of me.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Aladdin’s Cave, White sands and Monkey land.

We travel because we need to. Because the distance and difference are the secret tonics to the creativity. When we get home, home is still the same, but something in our minds has changed, and that changes everything.
Jonah Leher

I slept 11 straight hours last night.
I mean when I woke up and saw the time I thought I was dreaming.
Eleven hours ke, the body is not a wood truly.
Today I chilled in…the only thing I did today was get a pedicure.
So I am refreshed enough to write…chowing my last mango…#sadface
Here goes...
Two weeks ago, the entire TR Africa Sales and support team headed out for our annual sales kick off and strategy sessions.
This is my second go at it so I had a pretty good idea of what it entailed.
Day long sessions of strategy and team bonding, mulling over the previous years results and achievement and then all night partying.
Very exhausting times.
The day sessions actually come with hangover aids, Berocca, electrolytes to flavour your water and help cope with the hangover, several coffee breaks. 
The only thing not provided are sunglasses, the key tool for hiding the sins of the night before.

There is always a bit of excitement building up to the event, first off is where are we going?
Last year was Cape town and it was epicccccccccccccc.
This year, Mombasa!...I was like Yessssss.
So I have been to Kenya, Nairobi originally but I heard Mombasa is way more fun and I was ready for that white beach goodness.
In fact I cajoled the management team to divulge where we were going to for the SKO way ahead so I could prepare my mind and baffs in advance.
Leading up to the event there was a lot of murmuring going on in the office.
Mombasa, Al-shabab’s zone.
Its just like saying, Nigeria..Boko Zones.
It was serious o, people were refusing to in all expense paid holiday work trip?
We had to have a conference call to allay people’s fears.
My MD is originally from Kenya so she was very mad at the thought of us not heading to Kenya over fears of being kidnapped or whatever.
I was good to go abeg. Typical Nigerian. #nothingdeyhappen
Bags packed. Packing for the working week with shorts and swimsuit was a total delight.
My only grief was the annoying flight time..3:20am on Monday.
So on Sunday night by 11pm, I headed to MMIA with my fellow Lekkite colleague to get this on.
Checked in and MMIA was like nothing we had ever seen.
Quiet, with a few people sleeping on the floors.
We camped at La Casa and began prepping for the flights…alcohol to survive the wee hours.
Boarded out and five hours after landed safely in Nairobi.
Immigration was swift, paid my $50 and had my visa affixed.
Annoying as our other West African crew didn’t need Visa. 
This green passport get as e be o.
A quick cross of the road and we are at the domestic terminal, four hour wait till next flight.
That was long when we had not slept overnight.
I was seeing stars.
Boarded the next flight to Ukunda. 
Flight was rough, small bombardier plane and the landing!!!!!!!!!
The plane dropped from the skies I do not exaggerate.
Every single person of the flight shouted. Bloody hell.
It says Ukunda airport but really it was a small stretch of tar road in the middle of nowhere, no building, no arrival hall, no carousel to receive bags.
Brought off the plane and picked up right in your view.
The joys of going to off the beat places.
Five minutes after, we arrive at Leopard beach Resort and Spa.
The arrival made the travel worth it, it was like a scene from coming to America.
Maasai dancers  and drummers bearing flower wreaths for the necks plus welcome coconuts.
Quick check in by the welcome team with warning...Keep your room doors shut and do not feed the monkeys, they will remember your room and come visiting.
We chuckled but this was no jokes, there were a lot of monkeys, my goodness.
Bold blue balled monkeys I might add. 
I had two run ins with those monkeys and both times being human and bigger did not help me cause.
No time to rest, quick shower and off to dinner…It was an all white affair on the beach.
This was the first time I also got to see the resort proper.
It blew my mind…BEAUTIFUL.
The beach was like a thing from my dream, white powdery sands, palm trees, rocks honed by the tide, beautiful clear aqua sea, just beyond.
The resort itself was truly amazing…greens, koi ponds with stunning fishes, lounges, Pool table, fantastic pools, dance floor…I mean everyone’s fear of Mombasa disappeared fast.
I was snapping away.
Dinner was fantastic, it was good to see the whole team, 105 of us and dance into the night.
I snuck out by 10 pm to go and get much needed rest  after no sleep for over 24 hours and knowing the next day would be long.

When the intercom rang at 7 am to wake me, I wanted to cry blood.
It was my colleague being my alarm.
I was like why…why oh why.
I looked like shit…I was dealing with not enough sleep and a face peeling from that stupid facial.
Honestly I looked and felt like a mess.
I caked foundation and concealer to get me looking sane.
Make up saves lives, believe it.
I looked like those Instagram before and after pictures we see floating on the internet.
Quick yummy breakfast and straight to strategy sessions.
A few hours after and I was looking at the agenda plotting when to escape and sleep.
After the first coffee break and being seen so it will not look like I was not there, I snuck out back to my room and passed out.
I could not be bothered to take off my “pancake”makeup so I covered the pillow with a towel and slept.
Two hours after, I am up…slide into the evening sessions and smiled all through like I was there all along.
People underestimate the power of sleep I swear.
That night, dinner was off site at a spot called the Forty thieves.
Beautiful underground cave and this is where my phone went missing.
How apt…stolen in Aladdin's cave.
Well the beach where we had gone running and crab catching.
I was depressed to say the least.
I do not cloud back up anything. I am one of those paranoid people not like I have nudies on the phone but I am just like that, OCD behaviour. I was pained.
I cried. I am such a careful person so to loose a whole phone had me in a state of depression.
I thought my colleagues were pranking me sef but when I realized the phone was gone, all the beautiful scenes in front of me faded.
I am pining this on a cross eyed maasai who was hanging around us too close.

The next day I did not even bother to be early at the workshop.
I was mourning my Phone, the amazing memories on it,
I took the intercom off the hook so nobody will wake me up.
When I did get up, I went straight to forty thieves to see if they had found it after we left but mbah.
I found my boss and in my saddest pity me face told him about the loss.
He was like oh we would replace it even though I knew he would say that, it did not cheer me up.
I left the the sessions again to nap, I had perfected the act of missing without being missed.
I learnt this from the Last Boss “M” by the way.
That night dinner was mellow, Fatigue had set in.
People were sulking that we were spending long days in sessions in such a beautiful environment.
Even though the sessions were fun I must add.
We had personality test to understand who we are and how it affects how we work in a team.
You analyzed yourself and then your team analyzed you.
Apparently my team find me controlling….That's news.
I thought I was just assertive.
There was also a session where two colleagues had to give appreciative feedback to you done in front of everyone.
This was a cry fest. 
As in everyone was just crying (well the women mostly)…It was amazing.
I gave feedback to Ify for being my right hand chick and Jeets for being a perfect gentleman.
Jeets is like one of those cool guys in the movies...He lent me his handkerchief during the cry fest plus when I joined TR he was the only one who sent a welcome email.
Anyway , we got the last day off to chill. 
I think management decided we had suffered enough…hehehe
So we decided to hang at the pool, play water sports and beach volleyball but the tide in that Mombasa is not for children.
Some days you can walk right into the ocean because it recedes but other days it is unsafe to be on the beach.
Sipping tea and cakes at the pool and this huge monkey just dashes up to me and snatches the cake off the side plate.
I scrambled for my life, I mean I would say I ran but I flopped over on my stomach and scrapped my elbows screaming!!! Talk about frightful!
The previous day, walking back to my room to power nap and a little monkey came too close to and I shooed it away…afraid.
The monkey was obviously pissed as it regrouped three more little ones and came after me.
I ran for my life….screaming. 
My boss says they should have made a video.
I mean I like nature and all but monkeys should please stay away.
I was steadily making sure I got walked to my room to avoid touching stories biko.
The last night we spent it playing Charades at the beach house of one of the bosses.
Levels pass levels, room was not enough...a whole house with pool. Shetttttt
We had a few SA colleagues who stayed back for the weekend so was a nice number.

We left Ukunda Friday evening with so many memories.
Even that scary flight out was bearable with so much joy in our hearts.
One of my colleague James, refused to get on the plane without being drunk sha…lollll.
Truly those planes are not for the weak hearted.
We had the best time and truly bonded as a team. This was not just a for show session.
We truly felt the difference…and still do now…
Last week, five of us worked in Abuja and we all hung out because we do not get to be in the office at the same time covering several roles and regions but Kenya was an ice breaker and it helped.
I have so many pictures lost on my missing phone but ify was a good sidekick and took some on my behalf.
In these hard times of exchange rates, I think people should begin to look at visiting more African cities.
I mean it is no less more expensive but the value of Forex goes further in such places.
Leopard beach was so amazing, I recommend it to everyone to visit.
Now I have just one more place off the bucklet list for East Africa, Kigali...
There is a direct flight from Lagos so why not? Who is with me...
Meanwhile I am thinking of starting a travel club so anyone who wants to join should let me know.
Next time i write, I will tell you about the weekend in Zanzibar.
Enjoy the pictures from Ify's phone